Attractions in Budapest

Here’s a story submitted by a friend. When I took an impulse trip to Budapest in the summer of last year to deal with a breakup, I knew that the

Here’s a story submitted by a friend.

When I took an impulse trip to Budapest in the summer of last year to deal with a breakup, I knew that the only way I was going to mask my broken heart was to party hard. Thankfully, after a bit ofresearch, I discovered that the social clubs and nightlife in Budapest did not disappoint, even for a non-drinking, serious introvert like myself.

So I moved myself to these fine social clubs in Budapest, and here’s my review.

Conquer Budapest

These private tours of the city aim to give people a new view that public tours just don’t get. The tours are flexible, move to give the best experience to the tourists, and are interactive. This isn’t just a walking tour, it’s an experience that makes people feel like they are citizens of the city.

There are four tours that each offer a highly customizable experience, with a general tour taking tourists through all the attractions and popular bars and malls. One is a secret tour that lets tourists see how everyday Hungarians live, complete with little-known stories from the people and history of the city.

The other tours include a mini-tour that condenses the main tour into a shorter time period, and a food tour that allows people to eat their way through the city.  It’s fun, social, and jam-packed with anything everyone could want from an experience to get to know the city.

The Pub Crawl

Once I knew the top half of the city, I figured I had to explore the bottom with its pubs and parties! This group takes guests and tourists through the various pubs and bars that exist through the city, and thankfully everything is within walking distance. The guides are locals and know the best parties and get-togethers in the city.

Then it ends at a party, ensuring that the tourists can party all that liquor off with dancing, food, and music to keep them busy until sunrise. With the tours going on rain or shine every single day, the pub crawl is one event that no tourist has an excuse to miss!

Peaches and Cream

Called the R’n’B club in Budapest, this club is filled with parties, music, and plenty of heart. With tons of space to dance, hang out, and hit the town, this really is the dessert club to top off an amazing experience. I went there with some friends I met at the Pub crawl and did pretty well.

The staff is credited for keeping security tight and keeping the occupants drinking and happy, while also keeping people safe and enabling anyone 18 and up to have some serious fun.

A memorable experience

Despite not being much of a nightlife person, I found myself genuinely enjoying the trip and the places I went. The nightlife in Budapest certainly is something to be admired, and I found myself admiring it to its fullest and recommending it to any traveler who needs to forget a broken heart!